Forgiveness Testimonies

I was struggling in life with anger issues that were effecting my personal life and my professional life and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me…. I read this forgiveness book and peeled the onion and I am amazed with how my life has changed my relationships at home are the best they have ever been and I am beginning to excel at work! THANKS! John—TX
I read this forgiveness book on the advice from a friend and honestly read it because I said I would….I was amazed at how much and how many people I had unforgiveness towards and how it had affected my entire life… the book was easy reading and very effective! THANKS! Mary – NM
I have had a lifetime of struggles with substance abuse violence and addiction I read this book when I had been at rock bottom for weeks… after reading this book and looking at my life I realized I had become the people that I wouldn’t forgive the things done to me I had done to others and worse…the things I hated about people became my everyday habits and consumed my entire life. I am now clean, sober and working on building the relationships that I have spent years destroying and I am amazed and how much other people can see the difference in me! This forgiveness book saved my life! Sean—CA
WOW what a book! I don’t think I have ever read an easier to read book that helped me more… I truly feel lighter in life like a thousand pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you so much J TINA--- SC
Great book! I read it and ordered one for everyone in my family…if it helps them half as much as me my entire universe will be better! Thanks! Bill – OH
This forgiveness book was well written and down to earth I think it will help multitudes of people… THUMBS UP! Darren -- MI
I read this book and then asked my husband to read it AND HE DID! Then we read it together and I cannot tell you how much our relationship has changed it like were 18 again!! Before this book we were both frustrated, hurt, bitter and unhappy.. since reading and working with this forgiveness book we are happy, excited, open , loving and having the best time in years Thank you so much! Nancy – HI
I was asked to read this book by my sponsor and reluctantly did.. The result was truly a gift as this book help me deal with all the demons of my past and move past them and into a new and beautiful world…thank you Jim for giving me this forgiveness book it made both of our life’s easier! Dusty – NH
I was overweight, bitter, divorced, my children wouldn’t speak to me, my ex hated me, my life was a miserable existence… and I blamed it all on other people… I had no idea I had put myself in jail and was the one suffering … the long road to regain things lost has started and I am very very grateful… thanks for sharing this forgiveness book! Tim – CA
I am a average person moderately successful and considered myself happy and enjoying life… I read this forgiveness book and after peeling the onion I feel like a new man! I look forward to what life holds for the new and free’er me! Jason -- TX

Financial Freedom Testimonies

“As a single mom I was on welfare and borrowed money from my mom every month to cover rent. Since attending Financial Freedom Seminars, I have tripled my income. My daughter attends private school - which I was able to pay in full. Now I’m budget counselig other women to walk financially free!”
Chevonne Reed
Antelope, CA
“Since the 2016 Financial Freedom Seminar, I have been the top salesman and have not experienced a down month. Our monthly income has increased over $2,000 per month. We have had the most financially consistent year we have ever had which has allowed us to give and live beyond what we imagined before. Thank God for Bill Krause and the seminar. It has changed our lives!”
Steve & Diana Davis
Sacramento, CA
“Financial Freedom Seminar hosted by Bill Krause is a life changing experience. Regardless of your financial situation Bill Krause shares practical, proven and Biblical principles that will give you true prosperity and freedom financially. Learn how to receive from the Lord what has already been provided for you.”
Pastor Brian Jacobs
Metroplex Family Church
Buleson, TX