Ways to get involved as a partner:



You can help by giving financially to Bill Krause Ministries on a monthly basis.



You can invest through prayer for Bill Krause. Prayer helps you grow closer to those you pray for, those you pray with and the One you pray to.



Bill Krause holds regular classes and seminars that are available for you to attend, either in person or online.

Benefits of partnership:

Each month Bill Krause writes a letter to all his partners. These letters contain precious truths from God's word and from Bill's time with the Lord. We have made these letters available to you online.

Partnership is a covenant between two individuals that allows the strengths and resources to flow from one to the other. Partnership means, "what I have is yours and what you have is mine." When we enter into a covenant partnership with a ministry, we take part in the calling that God put into that ministry. We also receive the same anointing on the man or woman of God that we partner with.

See the video below for a teaching called Partnership and Grace that explains this truth further.