3 Reasons to Grow in Our Receiving

Do you want to know what you need to grow in "How to Receive" from God?


3 Reasons to Grow in Our Receiving 


1.        God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.  We should not deny God what He delights in.  It is God’s law that we receive.  God is not mocked.  Even as a man sows, ye shall he reap.  Give and it shall be given unto you.  God’s system is to give and receive more than you gave. 

2.        We deny the people around us the chance to see God’s system work in our lives.  When our family, friends and co-workers see us giving and not receiving, they think we are being taken advantage of.  This presents a negative concept of God in their thinking.  They, in turn, believe a life of giving and serving is not a worthwhile investment.


3.        We are personally denied our right to give more, live better, do more and bring glory to God by our lifestyle.  We must come to a place of receiving better so we are eligible to give.  The way we are designed by God is to give and live.



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