Advanced Financial Freedom Seminar: How to Receive

God wants us to be a success, to be the best. The purpose of receiving blessings, favor, money and anything else in life is to transform you, your community and the world. Author, Minister and speaker Bill Krause will show you how to live and give generously as a lifestyle for world changing momentum that will help you fulfill your destiny.  

One of the number one struggles in the world is a need for more capital. Businesses face fiscal uncertainty, churches and charities desire more to give to missions and charitable causes, parents stress over the household budget. But the world economy is no match for God's system! Allow Bill Krause to impart to you Kingdom principles that will supersede the pen and paper facts of your financial situation with TRUTH that will set you, your relationships and your money free. 

  • Attend our week long seminar to know and desire more of what God wants you to achieve.
  • Enjoy total immersion - see yourself and your world from God's perspective.
  • Registrants will receive a copy of Bill Krause's new book, God's System for Receiving
  • INCLUDES THE TWO DAY SEMINAR "GOD'S SYSTEM OF FINANCIAL LIBERTY.  The first 2 days of the seminar are an introduction to God's economy differentiating "living within your means" to living in faith.
  • 10 practical sessions, one truth filled workbook 
  • Topics include: tithing, avoiding greed, knowing your value, and growing in giving
  • Many attendees have lost weight, come to forgiveness and hooked up more with their purpose in life
  • Schedule available here

Admission: Cost is $499. Balance must be paid before the seminar starts. 

LOCATION: Family Community Church 6331 Watt Ave, North Highlands, CA 95660**

**Seminar also available online via livestream and PDF workbook
This year the Advanced Seminar will follow the Financial Freedom Seminar, making it available to those who are in attendance for the first time.

Rich isn't just money. I want you to be so rich in health you can enjoy what each day affords. I want you to be so rich in relationships you aren't spending money on rehab or counseling for those you love. I want you so wealthy in your mind, your creative juices are flowing and you're coming up with world changing solutions and business ideas that facilitate positive change in and for others

Bill Krause

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