How Financial Freedom Began....


My wife and I learned God’s system on the fly. In two and a half years we received nine paychecks. These were not very big pay checks, but a whole lot better than no pay check! During that time of raising our five children and my going back to school, we had to learn to believe God for the rent, food, tuition and utilities. You are all familiar with the list of expenses that go along with raising a young family. As a result of this season of life, I became an expert at receiving the money needed when there was no natural way it would be there.

While we did have moments, we made it. I now take those lessons we learned and teach them to others. My goal is that you catch it during training instead of during the battle. The things learned the hard way, we want to be easier for you. God has a wonderful system that supersedes anything man can come up with.

In two days we will revolutionize your thinking with God’s system of finances. I am so confident that you will have an increase that we have a session on “How To Avoid Greed” to ensure you stay the course.
God wants us to be blessed so that we can freely give always having all sufficiency in all things. Come be Blessed and change your life forever