Dealing with Lack

Arm yourself to defeat lack when it attacks your life and finances
Saturday, December 11, 2010
Dealing with Lack - Financial Freedom article by Bill Krause

by Bill Krause

Are you dealing with lack in your life? If so, are you dealing with it as you would deal with any other attack?

If a temptation to rob a bank came into our life, we would resist the devil, rebuke him to his face, laugh at him, and tell him to get back in his cage. We would refuse the thought and deny any possibility of that sin from entering into our life. When the flu bug or other symptoms come against our health, we are all up in arms, quoting the scripture and screaming at the devil to get off our body, with confidence, knowing that we are healed and made whole.

Then one day a financial problem hits our life. For example, we have a check that bounces. If we are not acting wisely, we are likely to slump down in our chair, start worrying and saying things like, “What am I going to do? I thought I had enough money to cover everything. Perhaps I shouldn’t have given that extra offering the other day.”

Stop the train wreck! A financial attack is just like any other attack of the enemy. So we need to handle it the same way we would handle an attack on our health or our mind. We need to stand up, put our foot down and resist the

devil from causing chaos with our finances. There is no difference between this and any other attack in any other area of our life.

Jesus died for you and me. He paid the total price. We have been redeemed from the curse of the law. Our redemption from the curse of the law covers:

Poverty - that’s your money. Sickness - that’s your health. Sin - allowing us to walk holy before our God. All three are important to God. All three have been obtained and provided by God.

We need to attack financial lack with the same fervor and necessity as we do sin and health issues. Our money is just as important to God as everything else that pertains to us. He (Jesus) became poor, so that we can become rich.

When the next attack from lack comes into your life, jump up and shout, “I am the redeemed of the Lord!” Set everything else aside and demand your right to prosper. Do not allow Satan to rip you off in ANY area of your life.

Treat lack like any other attack!