21 Day Challenge



Day 3 Challenge: 
Most of us don’t have enough money because of our lack of discipline 

A Few ideas to help you build Discipline

Track what you spend every day 

For fitness goals, set days and go to the gym - don't skip

For spiritual growth goals - read the Bible everyday

Building disciple is simple
*Set the goal
*Establish a time
*Track it







Day 3 Challenge: 
Give something today

Buy someone a coffee
Give away old (or new) clothes

Send Thank you notes
Bring lunch for a friend
Open the door for someone

Forgive someone who has hurt you
Call someone and encourage them





Day 2 Challenge: 

Save Money


Take 7 days and Eat in EVERYDAY
Share how much you saved with us in a week
Have fun meal planning!





Day 1 Challenge: 

Make your bed Everyday



Take the Challenge

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